Thursday, October 2, 2014

The one kills, the other one heals…

Even from this torn Middle East, some comforting information has arrived.
A few days ago, we heard a representative of the moderate Syrian opposition, Dr. Kamal al-Labwani, thank Israel for the medical care provided to Syrians wounded in the fighting which rage in this country: "This moving humanitarian gesture is an opening for rapprochement between the two peoples and hope for peace on quieter days".

And then a few days ago, a friend drew my attention to the moving testimony of an Israeli Arab physician, Dr. Ahmed Eid. Professor Eid who evokes how he did surgery on a young Jewish soldier shot at close range by an Arab. This testimony was published by the Times of Israel.

I particularly underline a sentence of Professor Ahmed Eid: "I feel part of this state, and I get irritated with those who doubt it (…) I am Israeli and I don’t need to prove it. It’s presented as a dilemma: We’re Arabs, how do we feel? My loyalty to the state is in no doubt.”



  1. Blessings to those whose healing hands are extended to all in need. I bow to them.

  2. Thank you Iulia.
    Blessings to all peace makers, artists and poets, who make the world better.