Thursday, September 25, 2014

A long silence

For several months, I didn’t publish anything in the English version of my blog. To tell the truth, I was hardly mobilized by the situation in the Middle East, with the war against Hamas in Gaza. Most articles which I published in July and August on the French blog were devoted to this topic, mainly in relation to the way the events were presented in Europe; that is why I did not feel useful to translate them for a predominantly non-European audience.

In September, I published three texts consisting, essentially, in long quotations from books published in French... For them too, I sensed it difficult to translate into English without betraying the authors nor lose the flavor of the original.
I hope not to wait too long before feeding again "a heedful idiot". Meanwhile, I notice a very curious thing: For several months, the number of visits to the French version of the blog coming from the United States is steadily increasing and reaches almost half of the total...



  1. I understand your hesitancy. Peace. And a blessed new year.

  2. God bless you too, Iulia. And thank you for the good and beautiful things that you share on the web