Wednesday, May 28, 2014

25 times Dostoevsky

Since 2010, I have published 25 articles dedicated to Dostoevsky and his works on the original French version of my blog. It seemed useful for me to list them. Please remember that I have no "scientific" claim on the subject. My purpose is mainly to share my enthusiasm about works that rank among the most important of world literature and to make it known and loved. If I have made a few spiritual, anthropological or philosophic comments, they are the work of a artless dilettante, not a doctor’s.

Only a few of these texts have been translated into English. Anyway, here is the entire list, in chronological order of publication. Each title has a link: simply click to be directed to the relevant article.

1. Une insulte faite à l'âme About capital punishment, from the story of an execution told by Prince Myshkin in The Idiot.
2. Pourquoi j'aime L'idiot? The title reveals the content.
3. La plus belle prière The prayer of the drunkard Marmeladov in Crime and Punishment.
4. Les humiliés II About Nastassia Filippovna (The Idiot) and about some characters who find pleasure in humiliating others, like Stavrogin (Demons) or Svridigaylov (Crime and Punishment).
5. Beauty will save the world This is the most read article of the blog (about 10 000 times in the French version): a reflection on this sentence of Dostoevsky indiscriminately quoted...
6. Si vous ne devenez comme des enfants… The child, image of original goodness. Here in The Idiot, with the children and poor Mary, and also the young Kolya Ivolgin.
7. La honte de l’enfant An evocation of childhood memories of Arkady (The Adolescent).
8. N’ayez pas peur de la vie About Book Ten of The Brothers Karamazov, “Boys”, with young Kolia Krassotkin and Alyosha.
9. Ilioucha. Si je t’oublie, Jérusalem In the same book, Alyosha and Kolia trying to soothe the last moments of young Ilyousha Snegiriov.
10. Éternellement, main dans la main The funeral of Ilyousha and the sublime words that Alyosha addresses to the children.
11. Dostoevsky peering into hearts The marginalized, the sick, the humiliated, the rejected, especially Marmeladov, in Crime and Punishment.
12. Dostoevsky peering into hearts # 2 – Ardalion Alexandrovitch Ivolgin A man of standing, fallen, pitiful, but touching, in The Idiot
13. A spot on the beautiful garment Dostoevsky’s antisemtism?
14. Dostoevsky peering into hearts # 3 – The light shineth in the darkness… Some moving women figures: Sofia Ivanovna “possessed by devils” (“La Hurleuse”) and “stinking” Lizaveta (The Brothers Karamazov), Olia Onissimovna (The Adolescent) and Maria Timofeyevna Lebiadkina “the Cripple” (Demons).
15. The divided man Versilov, Arkadi’s father, (The Adolescent).
16. Seemliness Makar Ivanovich Dolgoruky, the putative father of Arkadi, (The Adolescent).
17. Gentle and compassionate Sonia Humble Sonia, prostitute and saint, in Crime and Punishment.
18. The tenderness of a peasant The simplicity and the wisdom of the mujik Marey (Writer’s Diary).
19. Beauty will save the world, but how? Dmitri Karamazov: «The devil and God fighting each other».
20. Alyosha Karamazov Beaming character of The Brothers Karamazov.
21. The Elder Zossima The death of a spiritual master, in The Brothers Karamazov.
22. «You cannot be a judge of anyone». The Elder Zossima continued The Elder evokes the disorders of his youth.
23. The mysterious visitor. The Elder Zossima again… Another recollection from the youth of the Elder, the story of a conversion.
24. Dostoïevski, un authentique penseur A reading of Pierre Lamblé's remarkable work on the philosophy of Dostoevsky.
25. The teachings of the Elder Zossima Some beautiful pages from the spiritual teachings of the Elder (The Brothers Karamazov).

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