Friday, July 1, 2016

A young Israeli Arab expresses outrage

Muhammad Zoabi (18 years old), is the nephew of the Arabic deputy to the Knesset Haneen Zoabi, who is hysterically anti-Israeli. On the contrary, Muhammad, as an Arab and Muslim, is attached to his country and proud to be an Israeli citizen. Threatened with death because he denounced the Palestinian exactions, he had to take refuge abroad during several months. He is back in Israel and expresses himself with courage, especially on his Facebook page. This is a post he published today:

“Yesterday, a 13 year old teenager was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in the safest place a child should have; sleeping bed in her house.
Today, a father was murdered, yet again, in front of his family at the hands of despicable Palestinian terrorists.
Not hearing any condemnation, nor public rage in the Palestinian society at the horrifying attacks, I ask myself; what state the Palestinians allegedly want to create? What society the Palestinians want their children to live in? What kind of education they want to give to their future generation...?
The answer that we get as a result of their actions is something no democratic, liberal western country should tolerate!
Their radical, extremist and inhumane ideology is something Israel has been fighting for decades! And it is one the western world needs to understand they can't support!”

How can we hope for peace, when such a culture of hatred is maintained, from the nursery school, in the Palestinian population, and when the Palestinian politicians award to the killers the glorious title of "martyr"…?



  1. A pure heart asks a pertinent question. May peace fill all hearts.

  2. Thank you Iulia. Peace is needed in so many places...
    Pax et bonum